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Ken Dunlop wins Senior Masters event

Posted On: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Saugeen member shoots 73 on home course

Ken Dunlop wins Senior Masters event

Ken Dunlop of Saugeen Golf Club (left in photo above) shot 73 (+1) to win his own club’s Senior Masters event on Monday.

The Flight winners were Peter Gee of Rattlesnake Point (on right in photo above) (Age 55-59) with a 77, Frank Morris of Cutten Fields (60-64) with a 74, Ken Dunlop (65-74), and eighty-three-year-old Jack Northey (75+) with a 79.

The field included 93-year-old John Garvey of Legacy Ridge GC.

The tournament was put together as a means of preparing the club for the 2018 Senior Ryder Cup Championship, which it will play host to next September.

The full results are listed below:

Ken Dunlop 73 Saugeen
Frank Morris 74 Cutten Fields
Al Kanters 75 Saugeen
Bob McWade 75 Saugeen
Bruce Marshall 75 St. Thomas
Garry Spence 75 St. Thomas
Lars Melander 76 Hidden Lake
Peter Gee 77 Rattlesnake
Steve Irving 77 Legacy Ridge
Ken Bollen 78 Saugeen
Pat Morris 78 Cutten Fields
Steve Marks 78 St. Thomas
Jack Northey 79 Saugeen
Kevin MacDonald 79 Saugeen
Lloyd Sonnenberg 79 Saugeen
Brian Acton 80 Saugeen
Claude Foy 81 Saugeen
Don Turcotte 81 Ainsdale
Andy Smart 82 Cutten Fields
Dave Tenszen 82 Cutten Fields
Mark Rosner 82 Saugeen
Rod Dench 82 Belmont
Dieter Goettling 83 River Bend
Howie Wark 83 Rattlesnake
Ian Newbould 83 Saugeen
Jim Shrider 83 Saugeen
Roger Stevens 83 Northern Dunes
Ted Sinfield 83 Saugeen
Dino Paron 84 River Bend
Henry Van Asseldonk 84
public player
Ken Muir 84 Spring Lakes
Larry Bates 84 Cobble Beach
Robert Farla 84 Legacy Ridge
Jonathan Rittenhouse 85 St. Marys
Mario Guertin 85 Rattlesnake
Wayne Ross 85 St. Marys
Mike Garvey 87 Legacy Ridge
Owen Whitkopf 87 USA
Warren Sye 88 River Bend
Mike Raven 89 Saugeen
Rick Grolway 89 Saugeen
Tony Allin 89 Saugeen
Robert Bloomfield 90 Saugeen
Frank Austin 91 Borden
Eli Faysal 92 London
Scott Ritchie 92 Sunningdale
John Mayburry 93 Saugeen
Larry Dudgeon 94 Saugeen
Tim Matheson 98 Lion's Head
Tom McGrenere 98 York Downs
Vince Plancania 98 London
Mark Olejnik 100 Saugeen
Jeff Copeland 104 public player
Harry Kibler 105 Saugeen
John Garvey 119 Legacy Ridge (93 years old)

Flight Age 55 - 59
Ken Bollen
Jeff Copeland
Peter Gee winner 77
Steve Irving
Kevin MacDonald
Tim Matheson
John Mayburry
Pat Morris
Andy Smart
Lloyd Sonnenberg
Dave Tenszen
Henry Van Asseldonk
Howie Wark

Flight Age 60 - 64
Brian Acton
Eli Faysal
Claude Foy
Mike Garvey
Dieter Goettling
Rick Grolway
Al Kanters
Steve Marks
Bob McWade
Frank Morris winner 74
Mark Olejnik
Dino Paron
Jonathan Rittenhouse
Mark Rosner
Wayne Ross
Jim Shrider
Roger Stevens
Warren Sye

Flight Age 65 - 74
Larry Bates
Robert Bloomfield
Rod Dench
Larry Dudgeon
Ken Dunlop winner 73
Robert Farla
Mario Guertin
Bruce Marshall
Lars Melander
Ian Newbould
Mike Raven
Garry Spence
Don Turcotte

Flight Age 75 +
Tony Allin
Harry Kibler
Tom McGrenere
Jack Northey winner 79
Vince Plancania
Scott Ritchie
Owen Whitkopf

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