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Golf Boards Available at Southampton Club

Posted On: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Innovative and fun way to get around the course

Golf Boards Available at Southampton Club

Southampton Golf and Country Club is the first BruceGreySimcoe club to get on board with golf boards.

They have four of them available this season for golfers who would like to try this innovative approach to getting around the golf course.

 “They’re a lot of fun,” said General Manager Sandy Simpson, who has tried them out several times since they arrived at the course.

Golf clubs go on the front then riders stand on a platform and use a throttle with an automatic braking system which stops the board as soon as the rider lets go of the throttle.

For turning, it’s a matter of leaning into the turn like you would when surfing or snowboarding.

The fully electric boards have a maximum speed of 10 mph although the ones at the Southampton club will operate on the medium setting which will limit speed to 6 mph.

The cost is $25 plus tax per 18-hole round (no 9-hole rate) and you must be at least 19 years old to rent them.

Users must also watch a short instructional video and sign a waiver before hopping on board.

Golf boards are available at more than 250 golf courses worldwide, according to the company’s website ( But the Southampton club is one of only 8 golf courses in Ontario with the boards.

They discovered them while surfing the internet and when club owner Kevin O’Brien saw them he said “we have to get one of those.”

The club has a lease-to-own four-year arrangement for the four boards and will order more if needed.

While the boards have a natural appeal for the younger generation - and snowboarders and surfers - Simpson said they may have a broader appeal than you might think.

“It will be interesting to see but there is definitely interest from older golfers too,” she said. 

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