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Posted On: Thursday, August 2, 2018

League results from around the region

Around the Clubs

Canadian entertainer Valdy showed up to play golf (not music) at Saugeen Golf Club's Seniors League on July 25. Details below. 


Ladies Night
July 17 Results
A Flight Winners
Total Stableford Points   1st: Maureen Peet  19    2nd: Shirley Thomas    

A Flight Skins Winners
Christie DeGuzman    4  on  13, Barb Grubb    5 on  11,  Denise Tighe    4 on  15, Denise Tighe    4 on 16

B Flight Winners
1st: Jean Rhude    19    T2nd: Judy Gordon, Nancy Turcotte    17 

B Flight Skins Winners
Judy Gordon    5  on  13,  Judy Gordon    5  on  15,  Barb McBride    3 on  17,  Jean Rhude   5 on  10 Jean Rhude  2 on  12,  Nancy Turcotte   5  on  11

C Flight Winners
1st: Michele Lanthier    22,  2nd: Diane Sutter  21

C Flight Skins Winners
Una MacDonald  3 on 17,  Janice Matchett  6 on  11,  Janice Matchett   5 on 15,  Norma-Jean Rhody  5 on  10

D Flight Winners
1st: Sharon McKay    21, 2nd: Carolyn Blenkinsop  19   

D Flight Skins Winners 
Carolyn Blenkinsop    4  on  18,  Jan Kelly  5 on   16, Ethel McDonald  6 on 11,  Sharon McKay  3  on 12

E Flight Winners
1st: Anna McLaughlin    17  

E Flight Skins Winners 
Anna McLaughlin

Men’s League
Aug. 1 results: 
A Flight winners: 1st: Blair Chaput 34.4,  2nd Bryan Gushue 34.5 
A Flight Skins Winners: Dustin Catto 2 on 12, Blair Chaput 4 on 15, John Dupuis 3 on 16, Jarrett Johns 2 on 17.
B Flight Winners: T1st  Tom Uzzell,  Keegan Newsham 35.4 3rd Blair Pollock 36.1 

B Flight Skins Winners: Blair Pollock 4 on 14

C Flight Winners: 1st Ryan MacMasters 33.7,  T-2nd Riley Cook, 
 Sean Poisson 34.9 

C Flight Skins Winners: Ryan Barnes 3 on 10,  Riley Cook 3 on 16 Ryan MacMasters 4 on 14.

D Flight Winners: 1st Phil Thompkins 38.0,  2nd Bob Bull 38.1 

D Flight Skins Winners: Drew Armstrong 3 on 12

Senior Men's League
July 25 results: 
Scramble winners: 1st Bob Wolfenden, Roger Pilon, Lorne Seal and John Curtis (-5)
2nd Mike Fauteux, Terry Colwell, Jim Martin and Brian Wheate
3rd Murray Wardell, John Farrell, Bob Bull, Percy Courtney
CTP winners: Peter Newson on #3 and Murray Elston on #8.

Men’s Night
July 31st saw a record turnout enjoy the conditions at BlackHorse for the 13th Men’s Night of the year. 
Scoring was tough, but that just makes the game more interesting. One of the highlights was a great eagle by Rob Liddle on the 4th hole – a par 4. Glen Chaput and Kent Schaefer tied in “A” flight with 20 points. Rick Hodgson and Bob Ogilvie had the skins. Cory Zettler and Dave Plourde tied in “B” with 21 points. They shared the skins with Tom Pegg. “C” flight was won by Rob Liddle with 22 points and Bryan Astles was close behind with 21. Rob and Bryan had skins along with Evan Rivett and Ray Guay. Closest to the pin winners were Roger Amelotte, Tom Pegg, Conor Gill, Gord Dougan and Dave Cooper. 

July 24th was another great day to enjoy on the golf course and there were plenty of guys taking advantage of the conditions at BlackHorse for their 12th men’s night of the year. After their golf, they were able to sit down to a full steak dinner and brag about their golf games. Three of them shot even par for the 9 holes, Rick Hodgson, Glen Chaput and Matt Aubrey. Glen Chaput won “A” flight with 23 points and also picked up a skin. Rick Hodgson was second with 22. Bob Parks and Doug Wilson had the other skins in “A”. Matt Aubrey collected a skin in “B” and took first place with 26 points. Cory Zettler was second with 21. Spencer Montgomery had the other skin in “B”. Andy Sande was first in “C” with 23 points and also took two skins. Craig Crawford had the other skin and was second in “C” with 21. Closest to the pin winners were Dave Evans, Rick Hodgson, Bill King, Jeff Wilken, Andy
McLelland and Bob Ogilvie. 

The guys at BlackHorse had their monthly scramble on July 15th. The day was hot and humid and everyone had a great time. Bragging rights belong to the team of Craig Crawford, Tom Kittel,
Dwight Leslie and Mike Kittel, winning with a score of minus 7.
July 17th was our 11th Men’s night of the year, and we had a record turnout. Humidity levels were down and it was a good day to be on the golf course. Jeff Wilken won “A” flight with 22 points, while Blake Mackey and Glen Chaput were second with 19. Jeff, with a nice eagle 3 on the par 5, 3rd hole, shared the skins with Rick Hodgson. Matt Aubrey was first in “B” with 21 points and Walter Arnold and Dave Plourde were tied with 20. Tom Pegg had the only skin in “B”. Craig Crawford won “C” with 22 points and Rob Liddle was second with 20. They shared the skins with Scott Kittel.
Closest to the pin winners were Rick Hodgson, Dave Plourde, Craig Crawford, Nick Dirk, Randy Alton
and Dan Mitchell. 

Pike Lake
Men's Night
July 26, 2018
Game:  Modified Scramble
Players:  72
1st:    Scott Weber, Herb Cowen, Steve Stein, Brad Reeves
2nd:  Brent Moore, Troy Weber, Stewart Valens, Ron Forrest
3rd:      Dave Benn, Tim Andrews, Ozie Martin, Rob Jolicoeur
Closest to the Pin: #2:  Brayden Berberich,                                     
                    #8:  Rob Jolicoeur
                    #9:    Mike Orr
Sponsors’ closest to the Pin:
#7: Dave Marsden

July 19, 2018
Game:  Roll Yer Own Dice Game
Players:  64
1st:    Gary Stockie, Milt Elliott, Luke Johnson, Richard Sharpe
2nd:  John Hostrawser, Doug Lucas, Al Payne, Bob Carter
3rd:      Scott Weber, Ernie Hunter, Bill Sizer, Steve Crouse
Closest to the Pin: #2:  Larry Velix – Shoot Out    
                                            Winner #8:  Brad R #9: Phil Meyer

Men's Night
July 19th
Steve Bell 23
Richard Bowman 23
Todd Farrell 22
Doug Cowley 21
Charlie Hunter 21
Jarratt MacIntosh 21
Steve McFarlan 21
Peter Wolfe 21
Closet to the Pin #3 Jeff Graham
Closet to the Pin #7 Rene Brajuha
July 26th
Gord McDonald 26
Tim Henderson 25
Jeff Burrows 24
Lou Battaino 23
Dave Burrows 23
Steve Bell 22
Bob Hewitt 22
Mike McDonald 22
Ken Parsons 22
Closet to the Pin #3 Grant Clark
Closet to the Pin #7 Dana Murray
Seniors League
Highlights from July 25
131 Senior members and 4 guests played and were off the course in just under 4.5 hours. Well done! 
Charlie Roop went low and shot 73 and 4th in A. 
and won A flight with a deuce.
Larry Willfang shot his best round of the year with a 75 plus 8. 
Terry Hall had two deuces and the "shot of the year" from the fairway bunker on 9 Leg for a deuce.
Don Bremner shot 79 with a plus 10 in C flight.
John Conlin 88 for a plus 7 and the win in D.
Russ Solomway shot 86 in E for a plus 10 for the win. 
There were 15 deuces, paying $14 each. 
We had a celebrity guest player with us today. Yes, the one and only Valdy (in photo above), was a guest of Al Kanters. If you Google Valdy you will find he is one of Canada's national entertainment treasures. He was awarded the Order of Canada in 2011. He was the guy with the Canadian tee shirt, suspenders on his shorts and knee high socks. He lives in BC with a summer home on Southampton beach and says he'll be back! 

July 18 results: 141 members and 2 guests played Sunrise/Sunset. Thirty six teams played a stand aside scramble with scores ranging from 64 to 73. 

Ties were broken by retrogression from 9SS. Winning team was Brian Acton, Brad White, Hank VanMoorsel, Keith Swanson. Also with 64 - Mike Raven, Joe Ens, Rick Ferguson, Bruce Waechter. Two teams at 65 - Dave Boorsma, Gerry Hunt, Bob Kingston, Jim Hoy. Stig Lassen, Larry Wilfang, Doug Dodds, Bob Clarence. Three teams at 66 - Charlie Roop, Bob Buck, Bob Schmidt, Carl Young. Steve Wilson, Grant Meikle, Peter Inglis, John Falkingham. Don Reed, Terry Hall, Chris Cartwright, Bill Inkster. Nine teams at 67 but only three finished in the money. Ken Wrightson, Glen Johnson, Robe Weldon, Dan Silenzi. Scott Rowland, Dave Hoy, Steve Eckensweiler, Russ Solomway. Bob Kopf, Doug Seifried, Norm Wilkie, Dennis Mogg. 

Team Prizes went to Acton, Crewson, Boorsma, McWade and Rowland. CTP - A - Mike Hayes, B - Ian MacRae, C - Wally Wood, D - Doug Dodds, E - Bill Inkster. 

Men’s Golf News
The Men’s golf competition on July 12 took place on the front nine holes, a par 35 with a few really tough holes.  But Derryl Urstadt and Hugh Morrison had no problem with the game that day, both shooting a two over par 37 and easily winning First Low Gross in the A-Flight.  John Hale took First Low Net with a net score of even par 35.  In the B-fight, Peter Quigley continued his good play with a 39 and winning First Low Gross in the flight, while Doug Hamilton won First Low Net with a net 34.5.
In the C-flight, Larry Curtis shot 41 to win First Low Gross, while Gord Moore won First Low Net with a net score of 33.5.  Ron Wilson won First Low Gross in the D-flight with a score of 45, and Bill Streeter took First Low Net with a net 32.4.
Hugh Morrison Jr. won the Closest to the Pin competition on the fifth hole and Jimmie Baillie made the Longest Putt on #7.
On July 19, John Schmidt changed the format to quota points, where points are given for pars and birdies over the nine holes.  In the A-flight, Gerry Call, who shot a one under par 71 over the eighteen holes, collected 20 quota points and tied with John Hale with 20 points for First Place in the A-flight.  Derryl Urstadt took third place with 18 points.  In the B-flight, Hugh Morrison won First Place with 16 points, followed by Mike Pitzen and Harold Agla with 15 points.
In the C-flight, Paul Nugent won first place with 13 quota points, followed by Barry Dicks with 12 points and Fabian Libbus with 11 points.  Charlie Schmalz won first place in the D-flight with 14 quota points, followed by Larry Curtis and Ron Wilson with 11 points.   In the E-flight, Kent Bergstrom won first place with 10 quota points, followed by Jim Norwood with 8 points and David Porcellato with 7 points.
Hugh Morrison won the Closest to the Hole contest on the fifth hole and Brandon Belbeck, a guest for the day, made the Longest Putt on #7.
Senior Men’s
Derryl Ustadt continued his great golf on the July 17 edition of Senior Men’s play, shooting a great round of 76 and winning First Low Gross in the A-flight, Harold Agla took Second Low Gross with a great score of 77, which matched his age. This is the second time in Harold’s golf career that he has shot a round that matched his age.  Well done Harold.  Phil Hunt won First Low Net in the A-flight with a net score of 69, followed by Jimmie Baillie with a net 70.  In the B-flight, Lorne Lazenby won First Low Gross with a score of 86, followed by Larry Curtis with an 88.  Mike Cleary and Gord Moore shared First Low Net with net scores of 72.  In the C-flight, Bill Hatt shot 91 and won First Low Gross in the flight, one stroke ahead of Barrie Robson, who won Second Low Gross with a 92.  Rod Chisholm won First Low Net with a net score of 67, followed by Bill Streeter with a net 68.
Rod Chisholm won the Closest to the pin contest on the fifth hole and Derryl Urstadt made the Longest Putt on #7. 
On July 24, in the A-flight, Bruce Towner and Lou Bezaire shot 79 and won First Low Gross in the flight.  Fabian Libbus won First Low Net with a net score of 72 while Derryl Urstadt, Mike Pitzen and Larry Curtis shared Second Low Net with net scores of 73.  In the B-flight, Bill Hatt won First Low Gross with a score of 91, followed by Gord Moore with a 95.  Bill Thomson won First Low Net with a net score of 97, followed by Bert Tripp with a net 73.    
Mike Cleary was Closest to the Pin on the thirteenth hole and Bill Hatt made the Longest Putt on #15.
Ladies Golf News
On July 10, Jeannette Hamilton won First Low Gross with a great round of 91.  Roma Rolfe won First Low Net with a net score of 65. Jan Holmes won the Closest to the Pin competition on the third hole while Jo Chisholm made the Longest Putt on #10.
On July 17, Roma Rolfe won First Low Gross with a score of 99.  Barb Thomson won the Closest to the Pin competition on the third hole, and she also claimed the Longest Putt on #10.
- submitted by Lorne Lazenby

The Club at Westlinks
Ladies Day (July 26)
Low Gross 9 Holes
Linda Virgo (+13)
Myra Smith (+14)
Donna Legge (+16)

Longest Putt: Myra Smith; Closest to the Can: Donna Legge

Throw Out Your Two Worst Holes Adjusted Score Winners: Myra Smith (-2), Linda Virgo (-1), Donna Legge & Jane Muir (E)

Men’s Day (July 31)
Low Gross 12 Holes
Greg Hillis (+2)
Martin Kramer (+4)
Alan Cartwright (+6)
Kenny Kilday (+6)

Longest Drive: Alan Cartwright; Closest to the Pin: Alan Broussard; Hit the Green Challenge: Alan Broussard

Nassau Winners: Low Front - Greg Hillis (E), Low Back - Greg Hillis, Martin Kramer, Kenny Kilday (+2); Low Overall - Greg Hillis (+2)

Ladies Day with LPGA Champion Sandra Post - July 19: 
Low Gross 9 Holes 
Flo Leatham (+8)
Donna Errington (+10)
Kathy Gilchrist (+11)
Closest to the Pin: Flo Leatham
Longest Drive: Sandy Rice
Pink Lady Format Team Winners: 
Bev Hudvagner, Kathy Gilchrist, Pat Flett & Liz Pattison (+24);
Julia McGregor, Donna Legge, Flo Leatham & Nancy Ferrari (+24)

Men’s Day - July 24: 
Low Gross 12 Holes 
Martin Kramer (+3)
Mike Myatt (+5)
Alan Cartwright (+7)
Gerry Beauregard (+7)
Kenny Kilday (+7)
Longest Drive: Mike Myatt
Closest to the Pin: Kenny Kilday
Hit the Green Challenge: Ed Bates
Nassau Winners: 
Low Gross Front - Alan Cartwright & Martin Kramer (E) 
Low Gross Back - Kenny Kilday (+2)
Overall Low Gross - Martin Kramer (+3)

Men’s Day (July 17)
Low Gross - 12 Holes
Martin Kramer (+7)
Mike Myatt (+7)
Alan Cartwright (+8)

Longest Putt: Arron Tough; Closest to the Can: Alan Cartwright

Ladies Day (July 19)
Low Gross - 9 Holes
Flo Leatham (+8)
Donna Errington (+10)
Kathy Gilchrist (+11)

Closest to the Pin: Flo Leatham; Longest Drive: Sandy Rice

Pink Lady Format Team Winners:
Bev Hudvagner, Kathy Gilchrist, Pat Flett & Liz Pattison (+24)
Julia McGregor, Nancy Ferrari, Donna Legge & Flo Leatham (+24)


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