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Ace by seven-year-old

Posted On: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Liam Thomas makes it a Mother's Day to remember

Ace by seven-year-old

Seven-year-old Liam Thomas doesn’t play a lot of golf.

But he accomplished what many golfers go a lifetime without ever achieving - a hole-in-one.

He scored his ace with a 3-wood from 100 yards on the 8th hole at Cobble Beach Golf Links near Owen Sound. 

Making it even more memorable was the fact that it came on Mother’s Day in the presence of his mother, Stacey.

Also in the foursome was Liam’s 10-year-old brother Gavin and his father Jeff, who works in property construction at Cobble Beach.

“It was pretty amazing, he just stepped up and hit it and it landed just short of the green and rolled in the hole,” Jeff said.

And the reaction from Liam and Gavin was priceless.

“He (Liam) screamed, threw his hands up in the air and his brother tackled him and they were rolling around on the ground and laughing,” he said.

Jeff, who was suffering from sore ribs that day, tried his best not to laugh. But it was hard.

Then, after everything calmed down, Stacey walked up to the tee and hit her shot within two feet of the pin.

What makes the ace even more special is that it came on the same hole that Stacey’s mother - Helen McWade - aced during a Mother’s Day round in 2015.

Liam, who is a nephew of Cobble Beach head golf professional Warren Thomas, becomes the youngest player in the history of the club to score an ace.

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